Classic Collection

Blueberry Bliss

Wild blueberries in creamy ganache filling are perfectly balanced in a dark chocolate cup


Cold pressed italian sunripened lemons give their famous zest to the limoncello liqueur whipped into the heart of this chocolate


Kahlua® liqueur, almond base, vanilla crème sit in a dark chocolate cup topped with Java single origin cocoa

Cherry Liqueur

Our Gold Medal winner - liqueur soaked Griotte in a dark chocolate dome shape

Lemon & Hazelnut Crunch

Smooth lemon filling in a dark cup with gianduja hazelnut swirl topped with croquant chocolate

Toffee Chewy Caramel

Chewy toffee full of caramel aroma


Our signature blend - just pure single origin chocolates mixed together to create this special piece

Irish Cream

Smooth and creamy, with a hint of original Bailey’s® liqueur


Start with original Frangelico® ganache, then continue with praline all wrapped in smooth milk chocolate

Almond Biscotti

A timeless classic, true Almond Belgium Praline in fine milk chocolate


Crunchy hazelnut praline and aroma of cold press coffee in white chocolate mushroom shape

Hazelnut Biscotti

Flaky hazelnut praline with a nougatine square in smooth milk chocolate

Strawberry Splash

Spring’s first berry bursting with aroma gets even better in combination with milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate Mousse

Light perfection with milk chocolate mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse

Intense yet smooth and sophisticated, a real treat for dark chocolate lovers

Dark Chocolate Orange

Dark Chocolate Ganache infused with Orange in a dark chocolate cub topped with a candied orange

Milk Chocolate Orange

Dark Chocolate Ganache infused with Orange in a milk chocolate cub topped with a candied orange

Milk Chocolate and Kahlua

Kahlua Ganache in a milk chocolate cup topped with cocoa nibs

White Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse coated in milk chocolate

Australian Collection

Lemon Myrtle

A smooth ganach blended with Australian native lemon myrtle oil

Cinnamon Myrtle

Creamy ganache infused with Australian cinnamon myrtle


Dusted White

Light hints of Cointreau® liqueur

Lime Truffle

Energizing and refreshing, based on locally sourced pure lime juice

Bitter Madagascar Truffle

Exquisite single origin dark chocolate filling

Grand Marnier Truffle

Exquisite as the original Grand Marnier® liqueur, bittersweet blend

Coconut Truffle

The best way to enjoy coconut is to try our creamy coconut truffle, rolled in slightly roasted coconut flakes

Caramel Truffle

Irresistibly smooth caramel truffle

Lemon Truffle

An aromatic flavoured dark chocolate truffle

Guinness® Truffle

A celebration of Irelands famous Guiness® Drink

Passionfruit Truffle

Dark chocolate truffle filled with a white chocolate passionfruit ganache

Cinnamon Myrtle Truffle

Milk Chocolate Truffle filled with a creamy cinnamon myrtle infused ganache

Peach Truffle

White Chocolate Truffle filled with a creamy peach ganache

Strawberry Truffle

Milk Chocolate Truffle filled with a white chocolate strawberry ganache


Strawberries & Creme Heart

Classic match of strawberries and cream in strawberry flavoured pink chocolate

Milk Heart

Delicious milk chocolate with praline filling

White Heart

Sweet and creamy praline wrapped in white chocolate

Blueberry Heart

White chocolate blueberry Ganache

Chilli Heart

Dark Chocolate Heart and Chille Ganache

Champagne Heart

White chocolate marble heart with a dark chocolate champagne ganache filling

Peaches & Custard

Peaches and fresh custard in a marbled white chocolate heart

Bazaar Collection

Blue Velvet

Sambuca with dark chocolate creates a strong and intense combination

Coffee Caramel Velvet

Delicious coffee-caramel truffle, topped up with a dark chocolate bean on top

Passionfruit Gem

Aphrodisiac fruit secluded in a white chocolate gem

Mango Tear

Fresh and playful taste of Australian summer

Raspberry Art

Delicious berry sensation made as a special treat for dark chocolate lovers


Some like it hot – a special piece for risk lovers, hot chilli in dark chocolate


A mouth-watering combination of local honey blended with fine milk chocolate

Peanut Butter

Slightly salted peanut butter ganache with whole roasted peanuts encased in milk chocolate

Rose Creme

Dark Chocolate Cup with rose flavoured fondant


You won’t be able to keep your fingers away from this piece - special milk ganache blend with cookies

Mint Leaf

Smooth dark chocolate filled with intense yet delicate minty taste


Fine balsamic vinegar base with velvety smooth flavours redolent of plums and cherries

Cheery Liqueur Ganache

A Cherry Liqueur Ganache Filling

Summer Fruit Tea

A tea infused chocolate Ganache Filling

Nutmeg Ganache

A delicate Nutmeg Ganache Filling


Oyster Shells with a soft chocolate filling and a sweet pearl

Turkish Delight

Milk Chocolate Coated authentic rosewater Turkish Delight sweet

Vanilla Creme

Dark Chocolate Cup filled with a vanilla flavoured fondant

Christmas Collection

Dark Christmas Pudding

Dark Chocolate Christmas Pudding

Butterscotch Chocolate

Christmas Butterscotch Chocolate

Apple Pie

Apple Pie Chocolate

Holly Leaf

Flakey Hazelnut Praline

Peanut Butter

Mildly Salted Peanut Butter Ganache in chocolate cup


Milk Chocolate Ganache with Ginger Cookie

Santas Glove

Nutmeg Ganache in Milk, Dark or White

Christmas ButterScotch

Butterscotch Ganache

Christmas Cinnamon

Cinnamon Ganache

Belgian Chocolate

Pure Belgian Chocolate Ganache

Christmas Chocolate Log

Filled with a Fruity Chocolate Ganache

Christmas Chilli Chocs

Mild Chilli ganache

Raspberry and Coconut Chocolate

Raspberry and coconut layered chocolate enrobed in milk chocolate

Raspberry Love

Soft Raspberry Ganache enrobed in chocolate

Chocolate Characters

Milk Chocolate Koala Bear

Milk Chocolate Koala Bear

Dark Chocolate Penguin

Solid Chocolate Character

Easter Collection

Small Coconut Easter Egg

White Chocolate Coconut Ganache

Small Apple Easter Egg

White Chocolate Apple Ganache

Easter Carrot Chocolate

Belgian Ganache filling covered in milk or dark chocolate

Cherry Liquour Ganache Chocolate

Milk or Dark chocolate ganache finished with an easter transfer

Easter Egg Transfer

Creamy Ganache covered in milk or dark chocolate

Easter Duck

Milk chocolate duck filled with a Belgian chocolate praline

Peanut Butter Easter Chicken

Milk, white or Dark chocolate cup with a peanut filling topped with an Easter sugar chicken

Caramel Cup with Easter Egg

Caramel Filling in White, Dark or Milk Chocolate

Valentines & Mothers Day Collection

Belgian Milk Chocolate Ganache

Ganache covered in white chocolate topped with a decorative sugar flower

Rum and Raisin Heart

Milk chocolate cup filled with ganache and topped with a chocolate heart 2

Salted Lime Heart

White Chocolate heart with a dark chocolate base filled with an adults only ganache

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*May contain traces of gluten