Corporate Chocolate Gifts
September 18, 2019

Corporate Chocolate Gifts

Corporate Chocolate Gifts

As one of the leading makers of handmade chocolates in Australia, we have the opportunity of working with Australian Companies of all sizes to help them create something special so that they can have a corporate gift that stands out from the crowd.

In a world where the corporate gift budget is shrinking, there are tighter limits on what can be accepted as corporate gifts and in some industries there is almost a complete ban on gifts above a certain size, for example the obligations on financial planners about receiving non-monetary (soft dollar) benefits......people need something that is still memorable, but also doesn’t get sent back for being too generous.  Thankfully, everybody, at least that we know, loves chocolate. Not only does everybody love chocolate, Luka Chocolates is able to cater for a variety of dietary requirements including gluten free, dairy free and vegan. 

So how can we help, and what can you do to make sure that your corporate chocolate gift stands out and is consistent with your company’s branding and marketing strategy.  Here are 5 of the most common options that our customers choose.  If you would like to know more about any of these, please email or call us to find out more.

Luka Chocolates Chocolate Gift Boxes

Our premium chocolate gift boxes come in sizes from 4 chocolates 36 chocolates.  We produce over 150 varieties of individual chocolates and we can work with you so that you can pick the ones that you prefer or your clients would prefer.  Prices range from $12.50 to $74.95, although we can offer discounts if you are ordering in bulk. 

This option tends to work best where you have limited time to organise your corporate gift, and would like few variations and would like to manage your budget as much as possible.

Branded Chocolate Gifts

In addition to our luxury handmade chocolates, we also make a whole range of fun items or less fussy items.   Some of the favourites include chocolate speckles, chocolate hearts, chocolate coated nuts, honey comb chocolate and chocolate blocks.  We also have some novelty items like chocolate tool kits, chocolate transports, chocolate circus animals and chocolate dinosaurs.

We tend to wrap these in a clear cellophane wrapping (at Luka Chocolates we use a higher quality bio-degradable variety to minimise the environmental impact), although we can also arrange for other types of packaging including clear plastic boxes or food grade paper bags.

For these options, you simply need to decide how many, the weight and whether you would like us to use our branding, no branding or your own branding.  We are happy to finish the product with stickers, ribbons or even individual cards from your business. 

We find that these work well for more informal occasions, conferences, as a thank you to staff and where the budget is more limited.  Sample pricing here could be as little as $5 per corporate gift.

Chocolate Boxes branded in your colours and corporate theme

It is at this point that we can really start getting creative and producing something that is really bespoke.  There is a range of packaging options including different colour boxes, clear lids, we can use your companies ribbons and stickers or if there is a long enough lead time and enough quantity, we could arrange for your company logo to be directly on boxes.

As we hand make all our own chocolates, we can also adapt any individual chocolate to your branding.  For example, you may wish to receive chocolates that are matched to your corporate colours or you may wish to have the filling on the inside match your corporate colours. 

Branding on individual chocolates

As a way of making your corporate gift stand out, we recommend branding individual chocolates.  We do this using our food ink printer and special acetate sheets (all food safe), to print your company’s logo or any other message you want.  We then transfer these individually to chocolates. 

Pricing for these depends on the quantity and we will need to work with you to get the right corporate pictures so that we can successfully transfer them.

Branded Chocolate Lollies

The final option our customers tend to pick is our branded chocolate lollies.  These make a fun corporate gift that is quite reasonably priced and can make a lasting impression.  We use a similar technique to how we brand individual chocolates except we have some special chocolate moulds that help make the job a bit easier.  Some good examples of the types of things we have done include chocolate lollies with your corporate logo, your sports team logo or a key message for an event or occasion such as a 100th or 50th company anniversary.

Delivering your Chocolate Corporate Gift

We all know that Australia is warm most of the time, certainly warm enough to cause chocolate to melt, and we also know that most people don’t have time to think about how to manage this problem which also organising the logistics to distribute your chocolate gift around the country.  Well we can also help arrange all of this from our Central Coast Chocolate Factory and we can also advise whether the delivery location is somewhere that will need extra precautions (for example ice packs). 

As part of your order, we will talk through what you would like to do and how to help.

How to find out more

We always love hearing from customers about what they are trying to achieve through gift giving and we like to explain how chocolate gifts can be the way to go.  We also understand the budgets come in many shapes and sizes so we are always happy to see how we can help.  If you would like to know more, simply contact us by phone or email.

The Luka Chocolates team.